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Prophet Smith is a true Prophet GOD was not expecting this blessing this fast but when a true Prophet of God speak it must come to pass to God be the glory and all honor belong to God

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The Prophetic Word Came To Past for the amazing opportunity to be drafted to a professional women's Basketball Team

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Kenny Moore

Professional Foot Ball Player Indianapolis Colts.Prophet words spoken has been life changing and impactful!



Chris is a God-led prophet that came into my life about 5 years ago. From the day I met him, he spoke words into my life that have become true year by year as I’ve continued my walk with Christ. I might have been in a completely different place right now if I never met this man of God. He has consistently spoken the word into my life and changed it for the better. I have confidence and expectations like never before. God is good.



Brother Chris is wise, humble, Holy Ghost filled Prophet. I met brother Chris over a year ago in a Sam’s parking outside of Atlanta. He spoke some amazing words into my life. He spoke words the touched me personally, and words about my businesses. As my relationship with the Lord is getting stronger and stronger, my life is changing daily. Those great words are coming true. His daily encouragement is food for the soul. Thank God for Jesus, and thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit.  God Bless! 

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